A Precision Digital Crown & Bridge Dental Laboratory

Adonai Dental Laboratory takes pride in our excellent craftsmanship and expertise in digital dental technologies. Our Certified Dental Technicians specialize in Crown and Bridge & Ceramics, and utilize the latest & most effective materials. Taking the values of traditional dental craftsmanship into modern techniques and technologies, Adonai manufactures and customizes a wide variety of dental prosthetics to assist dentists in providing maximal oral care and aesthetically correct restorations.
Implant Systems
Customer service at Adonai is based on a more personal, one-to-one relationship with our doctors. When contacting us, you are directly in touch with your technician, eliminating any miscommunications. There's never anybody in between you and your technician. Your cases are always handled by the same technician which greatly enhances the consistency of results. You'll always know what to expect at Adonai Dental Laboratory.

Exceptional products fabricated from the latest materials and technologies for exacting precision providing a comfortable fit, natural aesthetics, and excellent function. Streamline your workflow and provide the best for every patient when you choose Adonai Dental Laboratory as your dental laboratory partner.


All digital impression system .stl files are accepted and we are expertly qualified in assisting clinicians who utilize them.

All of Our Products are Proudly Made In America.